Monk 1002
Snow 1002
[Freedom] 1002
Innovation 1000
AngelsWay 1000
Tonblader 69
MannyMontes 68
Vacation 67
Kags 66
CristinaKity 66
GunZ: The Last Duel Trailer
Players Online
Server: On | NAT: On | Exp Rate: Default
New game modes
Gunz V4 Launched
Gunz client
Updates November 21/15
New Game modes! 6/22/15
Bounty Shop update 3/4/15
Storage/Central Bank Fixed!
Axium soulreaper Boots (Women)
Sex: All
Level: 15
Price: 5
Judgement Boots (Men)
Type: Armor
Sex: Man
Level: 25
Price: 10
Judgement Pants (Men)
Type: Armor
Sex: Man
Level: 25
Price: 25
Judgement Armguards (Men)
Type: Armor
Sex: Man
Level: 25
Price: 10
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