Items : Armors

HeadThis item is to be mounted on the head. It could be either a helmet or a cap (hat). Some items can light your way in the darkness or defend a flash light. However, the items mounted on the head are not available inside the game and they are available at the "Premium Items" on the home page.(NOT AVAILABLE YET!)
BodyThis item protects the upper half of the body. It could be a jumper or a light T-shirt. In general this Body item has more AP than others.
HandThis Hand item protects hands. It slightly improves AP.
LegThis item protects the lower half of the body. It enhances great AP like the Body item.
FootThe Foot items protect the foot. They slightly improve AP
FingerYou can wear rings in fingers. Rings improve AP very slightly but you can also get better resistance from the blessed rings. There are a number of rings of legend existing in this world. Though not shown on the surface, you can feel the effect of the ring yourself.

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