You can register your friends who roam around in the GunZ world. This function allows you to knowledge whether a friend is connected on the same server or the channel that he is using the game. Following is the way on how to use the friend system.

To register a friend
When you're connected to the lobby(refer the above picture), select the person that you want to register as a friend and then click on the right mouse button to toggle the menu then click "Add a friend". to register the selected person to the friend list.
To list your friends
Keep pressing the button on the player list box until you see "Friend(s)" selected.(refer the above picture) Once you see "Friends" selected, you can then see the list of friends that you registered in the game.
To delete a friend
Select a friend that you would like to delete by pressing the right mouse button to toggle the menu, then click "Delete a friend" to delete the selected person from your list.

Please refer to the "Slashes Commands" section in the guide for the slashes commands on friends.


A clan is a group that share the similar purpose. Using this function, you can chat with your clan members whereever you are. You can also join a "Clan-War" with clan members.

To open your own clan, you have to check the following list,

  • The clan master(the person who opens a clan) needs 1000 BP to organize a clan.
  • The clan master is required to acquire four members in order to form a clan.
  • Those who have not joined a clan before are not qualified to become a clan master or promoter.
  • Both the clan master or promoter should be at the level of 10 or above.
  • The maximum number of clan members is 64.

Once all the conditions above are met, the clan master and the promoter can create a clan gathered around the same server and channel. Upon activating the "Clan List" you would see a menu, "Create a Clan" on the screen as you have not joined a clan yet. Press the menu to activate the dialogue channel for clan creation.

Enter the name of the clan and then select four promoters out of the list of the players on the channel then press "Confirm" to immediately create a clan. 1000 BP of the clan master will be deducted right after a clan is generated.

Once a clan is formed, the clan master can make a general clan member a "clan operator." Both the clan operator and clan master can make invitation to the clan but the clan master is the only one who has authority to close a clan.

To close a clan, enter "/clan close <your_clan_name>"on the chatting window. Please refer to the "chatting commands" section in the guide for the chatting commands with regards to clans.

Player Status

Alphabet letters are next the character on the Channel/Clan/Friend list. They have the following meaning.

The character is currently on the lobby.
The character has joined the game but the game has not started yet
The relevant character is currently engaged in a game.

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