Slashes Commands

What are slashes commands?

GunZ supports intuitive user interface but at the same time offers "slashes command" system in order to provide support for a more convenient and expandable system. The slashes commands refer to the commands that can be used while chatting in the lobby or on the wait screen or while doing a game. They can be used in the field where an ordinary dialogue can be entered. Once you understand chatting commands, you can connect a variety of functions with keyboard by linking the macro function of the option with the command.

Following are the slashes commands that can be used at GunZ.

Basic Commands

/helpShow the list of chatting commands.
/whisper <character name> <what to say> (or /w)Whisper to the party designated with ID.
/r <what to say>Reply a message to a person who sent a message.
/report (or /112)Report the details of the chatting
/qj (or /go)Start a game right away in any room
/kick <character name>Suggest ban the relevant character to all players in a game. (Supported in games only)
/tauntMake a fool of others in a game. (Supported in games only)
/saluteCharacter bows to salute. (Supported in games only)
/waveCharacter waves hands. (Supported in games only)
/laughCharacter laughs. (Supported in games only)
/cryCharacter cries. (Supported in games only)
/danceCharacter dances. (Supported in games only)
/suicideThe character currently in the play gets immediately defeated. Some XP loss occurs in this case. (Supported in games only)

Clan Commands

/clan open <Clan Name> <Member #1> <Member #2> <Member #3> <Member #4>Start a new clan with promoter.
/clan close <Clan Name>Close the clan currently open. Only the Clan Master can use this command.
/clan invite <character name>Accept the designated character as a new member. Only the Clan Master or the clan operator can use this command.
/clan leaveVoluntarily withdraw from the clan. However, the clan master him(her)self cannot withdraw.
/clan dismiss <character name>Force the designated character to secede from the clan. Only the Clan Master or the clan operator can use this command.
/clan promote <character name> <authority>Change the authority of the selected character within the clan. Indicate "admin" or "member" in <authority>. (Ex: /clan promote David admin)
WARNING: "admin" is different with Clan Master.
/clan msg <message>Enter a dialogue in the clan chatting channel. You can clan chat easily by attaching # in front of a dialogue when not using this command.

Friends Commands

/friend add <character name>Add the relevant character as a friend.
/friend remove <character name>Delete the character selected from the list of friends.
/friend listShow the list of friends. This is very useful as it can be used within a game.
/friend msgSend messages to your registered friends.

Color Letters

You can color the letters! You can color the letters in order to express your opinion more effectively while engaged in a dialogue. Just add a figure behind the code ^.

For example, if you enter "^1Hello. ^2Nice to meet you." Then you will see in the window "Hello. Nice to meet you."

Colored letters stand out too much for those people who enjoy games. Thus, refrain from using this function unless it is absolutely necessary. Different figures represent different colors.1: red, 2: green, 3: blue, 4: yellow, 5: dark red, 6: dark green, 6: dark blue, 7: dark yellow, 8: gray, 9: dark gray, 0: white

WARNING : Anyone who makes an attempt to use the colored letter pretending to be the GM targeting novices shall have its account suspended once it is found.

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