Alternative Shooting Action: GunZ The Duel!!

What is an Alternative Shooting Action Game?

GunZ is very similar to other FPS games widely available. However, it also contains elements that are totally different from any other existing FPS games.

Exceptional Variety of Online Action!

A number of different actions are available in GunZ, like the ones offered in console games or seen in movies. Ranging from dashing, wall jumps, tumbling, hanging from the walls, multi-step jumps on the walls to the combinations of actions using swords or guns, there are plenty of actions available. GunZ appeals to not only the sense of "SHOOTING" but also to the feeling of "MOVEMENTS".

New 3-D Action Play

The battles unfolds not only on the ground but also on the walls, columns and even the statues. You can step on, run on, and jump off the walls and columns making use of a variety of skillful actions. Experience and create an all new strategic play with GunZ!

Creation of Diverse and Unique Characters

GunZ has a variety of character models to choose from. That's not all. You can also equip a number of different clothes and items depending on your personal tastes. Once you equip items, your avatar will also look different depending on the ones you have choosen. GUNZ supports 12 item slots in total, which allows the players to customize fully their choosen avatar.

A Variety of Weapons and Items Supported

You can select weapons as well as clothes and accessories. Choose the weapons that you want and join the battle. You can dash at your enemy whilst being equipped with a variety of arms: pistols, rifles, twin guns, machine guns and more!

In addition, many weapons are offered for close quarters combat. You can use a long sword to suspend yourself from a wall or propel an enemy skyward. If daggers are more your style, you can dash about and stab your enemies from behind. All the weapons are available in a variety of designs and colors too, so you can use the weapons as fashion items as well.

Additional Game Play

The developers continue to expand the world of GunZ every day. As an action game with a touch of a role playing game, GunZ will continue to introduce more diverse and interesting role-playing elements rather than simply offering more level-up oppotunities for the players.

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