Items : General Information

A character has 12 slots. You can change the appearance of a character or enhance combat or defense power by exchanging items in the slots. The detailed features of the items that you should pay attention to are as follows:

Exclusive SlotAll the items have different slots that fit them. For example, you cannot put on trousers instead of the jumper or a gun for a jumper. So make sure to confirm the slot to use before selecting an item. However, some items can be mounted into multiple slots.
Gender RestrictionSome items (especially defense items) will try to judge the gender of the character before mounting an item. In other words, there are some items exclusively designed for female or male. In case of those items designated exclusively for one gender, there is no way to make those in the opposite gender be equipped with them.
Level RestrictionSome items may restrict the level of the users that can use them in order to prevent characters of too low levels from using them. So make sure to check whether you are qualified to use the item before acquiring one.
WeightAll the items have certain weight values. The human character of the GunZ can carry items as heavy as up to 100. You are not allowed to possess items above this weight limit and make sure to distribute the weight evenly as most of the excellent quality weapons and defense devices are quite heavy in line with their performance.
Special EffectIn this world where the guns and magic coexist, some items have special capabilities with the secret mystery or the blessing of gods.
  • HP: It can improve your maximum HP(Health Point) to a certain degree.
  • AP: It can improve your AP(Armor Point) to a certain degree.
  • MAX WT.: It can improve the maximum weight that you can carry.
  • FR: It allows you to have some immunity against fire.
  • CR: It allows you to have some immunity against cold.
  • PR: It allows you to have some immunity against poison.
  • LR: It allows you to have some immunity against electricity.
Also there are some items what can restrict your special movement.

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