Basic Controls

GUNZ is based on a so-called "WASD" keyboard, often used for FPS games on PC.

Players can, however, change the key layout anytime desired as all keyboards can be adjusted by the player.

Name Default Key Description
Forward W, Up Arrow Move forward(s)
Backward S, Down Arrow Move backward(s)
Scrafe Left A Move to the left in a position facing forward(s)
Scrafe Right D Move to the right in a position facing forward(s)
Jump Space Bar Make(s) a jump
Shoot/Slash LMB*, Left Ctrl Shoot a gun or slash the weapon selected
Reload R Reload the currently selected weapon
Melee Weapon 1 Select(s) the close weapon
Primary Ranged Weapon 2 Select(s) the primary
Secondary Ranged Weapon 3 Select(s) the secondary
Item #1 4 Select(s) item no.1
Item #2 5 Select(s) item no.2
Prev. Weapon/Item Q, Wheel Up Select(s) the previous weapon or item
Next Weapon/Item E, Wheel Down Select(s) the next weapon or item
Chat Return Open or close the chatting entry
Team Chat ' Open the chatting entry for your team only
Main Menu ESC Call(s) the main menu
Game Status Tab Show(s) the score of players currently in the game, their levels and whether they are killed or not.
Taunt ` Taunt(s) other players

* In the table above, LMB stands for Left Mouse Button, while RMB Right Mouse Button.

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