Items : Weapons

The general features of the weapons by type are as follows:

Melee Weapons

In GunZ, melee weapons are more important than in any other gun-action games. All melee weapons can be used as a means to attack when bullets ran short. In addition, they can be used to suspend yourself from the wall.

A dagger is low-cost, light, quick, and easy to use. Compared to a katana, it is not as lethal. When the secondary attack hits your opponent, s/he is knocked over to the ground.

A katana is an excellent weapon for close combat. You can use the secondary attack to throw your opponent into the air or to climb walls. However, it is heavy and you will find it harder to arm yourself with additional powerful items.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are used as the most general means for making attacks at GunZ. For all ranged weapons, separate values exist in addition to damage power/repeat firing speed. Thus, make sure to select the weapons that fit your combat style.

This easy-to-carry gun is a ranged weapon used very often in Astra over long periods. The price is quite low and some of the guns have remarkable fire power. With one held in each hand, you can carry two of them at once. It does not mean, however, that you can combine two guns into one. Make sure to buy the set that you can carry in either hand. A revolver is a weapon with strong striking power though the number of bullets that can be used at once is quite small.
Damage : Medium+, Delay : Medium, Critical Rate: Good, Controllability : Good

It has a short shooting range but good continuous shooting capability. As the number of bullets that can be used is large, it is quite suitable for novices. However, its low controllability makes it very difficult to hit the mark over a long-distance. In general, this gun is suitable to be used indoors.
Damage : Medium+, Delay : Very Fast, Critical Rate: Bad, Controllability : Bad

With a powerful recoil, a shot gun is lack of accuray. It does not have a good hitting record since the discharge style makes it hard to have a accurate shooting. The short range is one of the shortcomings of the shotgun. However, strong power and wide striking range make it a very effective weapon for narrow terrain.
Damage : Excellent, Delay : Slow, Critical Rate: Bad, Controllability : Bad

Assault Rifle
This gun is preferred when relatively accurate shooting and power are required for short and long distances. In general, 6mm bullets are widely adopted and bigger ones are used when strong fire power is required. Though it has a strong recoil, it is big and has a good grip, which enables the user to carry it tightly and have relatively better accuracy.
Damage : Good, Delay : Fast, Critical Rate: Good, Controllability : Good

It is a personal firearm with power beyond imagination. Though its portability is extremely low, it has powerful repeat shooting capability that can consume hundreds of bullets in a very short period. Though hard to have accurate shooting with a machine gun, there is no weapon that can beat this one as firearm to be used in the frontline.
Damage : Good, Delay : Excellent, Critical Rate: Bad, Controllability : Very Bad

Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher is one of the most powerful firearms that appear in the game. Though it has low repeatability, it poses a serious threat to the target one after another. Compared with a machine gun, it has better controllability. However, low repeatability, and extremely poor portability require proper weapon operation capability to use this rocket launcher.
Damage : Excellent, Delay : Very Bad, Critical Rate: Bad, Controllability : Medium

  • Damage: Damage done to the enemy when a strike hits the mark.
  • Speed: Speed of the attacks. Time that it takes until the second attack is made.
  • Critical Rate: The ability to reduce health point(HP) of the target regardless of its armor point(AP).
  • Controllability: Probability of hitting the mark with a gun(the more rapid the repeated fire, the lower the controllability.)

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