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kusanasmith 99Lv.
Quest4ever 99Lv.
cazador007 99Lv.
Various 99Lv.
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Pulser 2682Pts.
Crusaders 2348Pts.
Haze 1515Pts.
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Submitted By Gunz,18/02/2020  

2020 First M2O Gunz Knights Tournament Game Mode Team Deathmatch 4vs4 First team to win 11 rounds will be declared the winner and move onto the next round. -Each round will have a 3 minute time limit, similar to clan wars. Tournament Rules -Any sort of insultive behavior will not be tolerated, nor will spiking/force-lagging. -Having the same name or a similar name is not allowed. -You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you(we are able to see if you do). -A time will be agreed by both parties. If anyone fails to show up then the match will start without them. No use of 3rd party programs will be condoned. If anyone is caught using them, their team will be disqualified and their account will be permanently banned from the server. Maps are randomly picked Registration Form GUNZ Clan Name: Lineup (Members): Subs: When? Signing-up is until March 11.. Starting of the Tournament will be March 12-13. Tournament will be every weekend until the Final.