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Submitted By Monk,10/11/2019  

Update from M2O Gaming Network - We're proud to Launch GunZ Spy Game mode! So, you'll be a ''Spy!'' There will be 2 teams, 1 team consists of spies and 1 team consists of tracers. Each weapon has its own tool tip which tells you what the purpose of the item is. Team Spy If you are a spy, you will have 4 items: spycase, flashbang, trap and smoke grenades. Your goal as a spy is to survive until the end of the round, if you do, you win the round. If you kill all of the tracers, you win as well. Team Tracer Tracers have stungrenades and landmines, which activate almost instantly and both knock your gunz character down. If you manage to kill a spy, an icon will show up on the screen to indicate a spy got killed. When the time of the game is almost up, the time at the top of the screen will blink red.