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Submitted By GunZ,08/11/2019  

Update from M2O Gaming Network - We're proud to Launch GunZ Spy Game mode! So, you'll be a ''Spy!'' game is very simple, and fun it is to infiltrate your Gunz enemy team for 40 seconds at the end of which you give away as you can see in this image the red team with 3 which were the spy and have offloaded in a briefcase hence the blue team will have to stop them before the time runs out 2 minutes and started the match depends on which team you play and that's all you can randomly appear in red tea as in the blue if you are in the best will be put blue grenades and anti-personnel mines to catch the spy not try to chase him because he has lead with grenades. Now if you're in the red team have only one thing to do running around and they do not reach or are dead by a mob of PLAYERS Smile The Gunz spy character dies whenever one spy warning that icon appear but also others appear more like when are you 25 seconds to finish in that exact spot invica is hidden or goes running the spy to give him Outreach Now the good part of the stats.. SPY HP: 200 AP: 200 weapons away: NO melee weapons: no Pomegranates: if ice Cures: no PS: you can only use the briefcase to defend